Inscriptions (1)
IdControllo 2016R.A. (n°)CIL 8MADTextTypeSubtypeFunctionMaterialmap
EP001no25966Ara · deo · / Iovi fun/do · Tigi/belle · rei [p]ublicae / [co]l(oniae?) · Teanen/sịum · posu/erunt · uni/versi ·paganiAltarVotive inscription

Milestones (4)
IdRus Africum, tome ITypeNo. MilesEmperorTextDateCIL 8Size milestonemap
MS001575-01Milestone71------ / [------] / LXXI?? 79+70x38/39 H. 73 ??
MS002MilestoneConstantius Chlorus Aug seul, 1 Mai 305-25 Juli 306Imp(eratori) Cons/tantio Pio / Felici̲ A̲u̲g̲(usto) / ------22035
MS003MilestoneGordianus IIIImp(erator) Caesar / M(arcus) Antonius / Gordianus divi / Gordiani nepos / divi Gordiani soro/ris filius pius / felix Aug(ustus) pon/tifex maximus / tribunicie pot/[estati]s co(nsul) / pr[co(n)s(ul) ---] / ------
MS004Milestone------ / [---]lissimi C(a)es(ar?) nobilis(s)imus [---] / ------

Press elements (9)
IdTypeSubtypeL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Internal ⌀ pressbed/ width dovetail mortiseExternal ⌀ pressbed / highth dovetail mortiseDepth channel / depth dovetailMaterialmap
TO001CounterweightDovetail mortises and grooveComplete108.0Complete64.0Complete50.023-17309
TO003Anchor-stoneThrough dovetailComplete105.0Complete63.0Incomplete or uncertain32.021-133226
TO004Anchor-stoneDovetailIncomplete or uncertain96.0Complete52.0Complete49.021-1532-3021
TO005Press-bedNid (Press-bed)Incomplete or uncertain87.0Incomplete or uncertain56.0Complete23.0?6
TO006Press-bedNid (Press-bed)Incomplete or uncertain43.0Incomplete or uncertain67.0Not measured??
TO007Bracket (Press element)Incomplete or uncertain31.0Complete48.0Not measured10,535
TO008Lintel with slot/groove (Press element)Not measuredNot measuredNot measured
TO009Miliarium of a crushing basin?Not measuredNot measuredNot measured

Architectural elements (10)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
BT001Block with wedge holesNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
RE001Threshold or jambDoorLimestoneComplete170.0Complete58.0Not measured
RE002Threshold or jambDoorLimestoneComplete120.0Complete54.0Not measured
RE003ThresholdDoorLimestoneIncomplete or uncertain77.0Complete51.0Not measured
RE004Door or window jambDoorLimestoneNot measuredComplete54.5Not measured
RE006Door or window jambDoorLimestoneNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
RE007Door or window jambDoorNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
RE008ThresholdDoorLimestoneNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
RE009ThresholdDoor/windowNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
RE011Nid (arch. el.)Not measuredNot measuredNot measured

Funerary finds (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE010Sarcophagus or lid of -LidNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Containers and vessels (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE005LabrumLabrumLimestoneNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Catilli (1)
Id⌀ hopperThicknessDepth mountWidth mountHeight mountSize (HWD) hole of the mount⌀ hole mountSize (HWD ) dovetailGirth bandMaterialmap
CT001186217248,5x5x8oval 4x3; 1,5siWhite nummulithic limestone

L = Length, W = Width, H = Height, L.S. = Long side, S.S. = Short side, ⌀ = Diameter

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