Inscriptions (8)
IdControllo 2016R.A. (n°)CIL 8MADTextTypeSubtypeFunctionMaterialmap
EP001noD(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Papius / Rogatianu/s ❦ (vac.) pius vixit / an(n)is XXVI / h(ic) s(itus) e(st) // Fagargi / fecerunt s/odali suo / carissimoStele (inscription)Funerary
EP002no494-02D(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Cepia Ma/rgarita / vixit an(n)/is LXXI / h(ic) s(ita) e(st)Stele (inscription)FuneraryLimestone
EP003no494-04M(arcus) · Aninius / M(arci) · f(ilius) · Hono/ratus pius / vixit · an(nis) · / LV · h(ic) · s(itus) · e(st)Stele (inscription)FuneraryWhite limestone
EP004yes1455D(is) · M(anibus) · s(acrum) / C(aius) · Hercu/leius Ia/nuari/us · p(ius) · vix(it) / an(nis) · LXV / h(ic) · s(itus) · e(st) ❦AltarFuneraryWhite limestone
EP005yes1468D(is) · M(anibus) · s(acrum) / Turrania / Ianuaria / p(ia) · v(ixit) · a(nnis) / LXV / h(ic) · s(ita) · e(st)AltarFuneraryWhite limestone
EP006no494-03D(is) ❦ M(anibus)❦ s(acrum) / Iuliạ / vixit aṇ(n)/is XXXIIAltarFuneraryWhite limestone
EP007no494-05[D(is)] Ṃ(anibus) ṣ(acrum) / Spili/us N/apamo / vixit [..]IIAltarFunerary
EP008no494-01D(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Q(uintus) Aproni/us Maxu/tius vixit / annis LXXXII / h(ic) s(itus) e(st)AltarFunerary

Milestones (4)
IdRus Africum, tome ITypeNo. MilesEmperorTextDateCIL 8Size milestonemap
MS001494-07Milestone82Aurelianus sept 270-sept/oct 275------? / Ịṃp̣(eratori) Ḷ(ucio) Ḍọṃị/tio Aurelia/no invicto / pio fel(ici) / Aug(usto) n̅(ostro) / LXXXII274
MS002494-08Milestone84Salama: Gallus (Flavius Claudius Constantius) 15 mars 351- fin 354; AE2013, 2108b: Constantinus II, 317-337D(omino) N(ostro) / Flavio C/laudio C/onstan[t]/i<n>o nob(ilissimo) Ca(esari)317-337157 riuso
MS003494-09Milestone84[[LXXXIV]]H. 157 uso originario
MS004494-06Milestone85Valerianus juin-aout 253- juin 260 o Valentiniano I o II 364 - 392D(omino) N(ostro) / P(ublio) L(icinio) Valer/iano Maxim(o) / P(io) F(elici) Victor(i) / LXXXVValerianus 254; Valentinianus I 364-375; Valentinianus II 375_392Ø 33 sup. Ø 33 inf.

Press elements (1)
IdTypeSubtypeL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Internal ⌀ pressbed/ width dovetail mortiseExternal ⌀ pressbed / highth dovetail mortiseDepth channel / depth dovetailMaterialmap
TO001Press-bedSlab with channelNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Funerary finds (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE001Sarcophagus or lid of -Not measuredNot measuredNot measured

Valuable items (4)
IdTypeSubtypeStyleL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Materialmap
CA001CapitalCorinthianNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CA002CapitalTrapezoidalNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CA003CapitalTrapezoidalNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO001ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Metae, querns (4)
IdType⌀ metaHeight metaHeight cone⌀ cone topSize (HWD) top socketSize (HWD) bottom socketLateral hollowMaterialmap
MT001Meta, bell shaped lower millstone35252016/central square 7,5x7,5x6 and lateral triangular hollows (2,5 cm deep)/Red lava (Mulargia)
MT002Meta, bell shaped lower millstone3440+23+2 opposing triangular hollows (max. 3 cm deep)/Red lava (Mulargia)
MT003Meta, bell shaped lower millstone4024+23+128x8x8/Nummulithic limestone
MT004Meta, bell shaped lower millstone41481412,56x6x6//Red lava (Mulargia)

Gremia, flour or oil catchers (1)
Id⌀ receptacleHeight⌀ meta housingDepth meta housingMaterialmap
FC0011152345/4210 not pfWhite compact limestone

L = Length, W = Width, H = Height, L.S. = Long side, S.S. = Short side, ⌀ = Diameter

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