Inscriptions (5)
IdControllo 2016R.A. (n°)CIL 8MADTextTypeSubtypeFunctionMaterialmap
EP001no002-021556------ /tius Ho/noratu/s p(ius) v(ixit) an(nis) / LXXXXVII / h(ic) s(itus) e(st)AltarFuneraryWhite limestone
EP002no002-011564D(is) · M(anibus) · s(acrum) / Iulia C(ai) fil(ia) / Silana / uxor / p(ia) v(ixit) a(nnis) XXVII / h(ic) · s(ita) · e(st)AltarAltar topped with a pyramidionFuneraryWhite limestone
EP003no26440D(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Iulia Fo/rtunata / Calediana / p(ia) v(ixit) a(nnis) XXXIII / h(ic) s(ita) e(st)AltarFunerary
EP004no26439Caelesti · Aug(ustae) · sac(rum) ·PlinthDedication
EP005no26439aD(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Ianuarius / Fortunati / Barniccalonis / fil(ius) · p(ius) · v(ixit) · a(nnis) · CIIAltarFunerary

Press elements (5)
IdTypeSubtypeL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Internal ⌀ pressbed/ width dovetail mortiseExternal ⌀ pressbed / highth dovetail mortiseDepth channel / depth dovetailMaterialmap
TO001CounterweightDovetail mortises and grooveIncomplete or uncertain100.0Complete57.0Complete60.023-14368,5White limestone
TO002CounterweightDovetail mortises and grooveComplete137.0Complete90.0Complete65.027-134211White limestone
TO003CounterweightDovetail mortises and grooveComplete146.0Complete60.0Complete75.033,5-18439White limestone
TO004Press-bedNid (Press-bed)Complete198.0Complete192.0Not measuredLimestone
TO005SpoutIncomplete or uncertain94.0Complete64.0Complete30.012White limestone

Architectural elements (2)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE001ThresholdDoorLimestoneIncomplete or uncertain197.0Not measuredNot measured
RE002Perforated slabLimestoneNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Hydraulic finds (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE003Cistern mouth, well-curbWell-curbLimestoneNot measured90.0Not measuredNot measured

Containers and vessels (2)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE004Tank, basinLimestoneComplete67.0Complete49.0Complete35
RE005Tank, basinComplete114.0Complete62.0Complete48

Valuable items (2)
IdTypeSubtypeStyleL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Materialmap
CA001Capital (pillar)CorinthianComplete45x27x6Complete45x27Complete33.0White limestone
KY001MouldingNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Catilli (1)
Id⌀ hopperThicknessDepth mountWidth mountHeight mountSize (HWD) hole of the mount⌀ hole mountSize (HWD ) dovetailGirth bandMaterialmap
CT001145,516x9(sup)x12(inf)x4.2noWhite compact limestone

L = Length, W = Width, H = Height, L.S. = Long side, S.S. = Short side, ⌀ = Diameter

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