Inscriptions (5)
IdControllo 2016R.A. (n°)CIL 8MADTextTypeSubtypeFunctionMaterialmap
EP001yes273751585D(is) M(anibus) ṣ(acrum) / Plautị[a] / Lucill[a] / p(ia) v(ixit) a(nnis) XLI / h(ic) s(ita) e(st)AltarFuneraryWhite limestone
EP002yes27375a[D(is)] M(anibus) s(acrum) / [··]stinula / [p(ia)] v(ixit) · a(nnis) · XVI / h(ic) · s(ita) · e(st)Nid (inscription)Funerary
EP003noἙρμῆς ἦα πάρος, ὅτ’ ἐπὶ χθονὸς ἦα μετ’ ἀνδρῶν̣. Λαοδικεὺς μὲν ἔφυν, Θουγγῇ δ’ ἐνὶ γράμματ’ ἔδειξ̣α̣. νῦν δέ με τεθνιῶτα χυτὴ περὶ γαῖα ἐκάλυψεν̣. ἡμίσεας γενεὰς πέντ’ εἶδον φωτὸς ὑπ’ αὐγαῖςAltarFuneraryWhite compact limestone
EP004yes27374[Divo C]ommodo ❦ fratr[i] / [Imp(eratoris) Caes(aris) L(uci) S]eptimi ❦ Severi ❦ Pii ❦ Per[tina] / [cis Augusti A]rabici ❦ Adiabenici Par[thici] / [numini eius] sacrati decurione[s] / [signum conse]rvatoris pagi Thugg[ens(is)] / [quod voveran]t magistro Q(uinto) Mora[sio] / [H]osp̣[italis?] f(ilio) ❦ Cassiano (vac.) ❦ / ex❦ pollicitatione sua ❦ fecerunt ❦ d(e?) ❦ d(icaverunt?)❦BaseDedicationLimestone
EP005no1549D(is) M(anibus) s(acrum) / Tannonius / Felix p(ius) v(ixit) a(nnis) XI/ h(ic) s(itus) e(st)AltarFuneraryYellow limestone

Architectural elements (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE002ThresholdNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Containers and vessels (1)
IdTypeSubtypeItemMaterialL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH.
RE001Tank, basinTankNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

Valuable items (10)
IdTypeSubtypeStyleL.S. statusLong SideS.S. statusShort SideH. StatusH.Materialmap
CA001CapitalTrapezoidalNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CA002CapitalCorinthianNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO001ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO002ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO003ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO004ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO005ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO006ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO007ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured
CO008ColumnNot measuredNot measuredNot measured

L = Length, W = Width, H = Height, L.S. = Long side, S.S. = Short side, ⌀ = Diameter

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